State Awards

The South Carolina State Council Awards Program was created to encourage and recognize service by our Knights to their parishes, families and communities.

This purpose statement recognizes two important parts of the State Awards Program. First, the State Awards Program encourages service in the four areas that form the new “Faith in Action” Program of the Knights of Columbus. Service in these areas is how the Knights of Columbus demonstrate their Catholic faith. This leads to strengthening our faith; supporting our Church, bishops, and priests; improvements in our communities; strengthening the faith of our families; and supporting and defending the dignity of life. This in turn brings in new members and retains existing members as well as allowing the Knights of Columbus to serve these areas even more.

Second, the State Awards Program recognizes this service. Recognition is secondary to the service provided. However, when outstanding service is provided, the State Council wants to recognize this service as a way to encourage more service. The purpose of this manual is to set forth the requirements and procedures for recognition of the State Awards and to briefly discuss the Supreme Awards Program.

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State Awards Chairman: Tony Zammarrelli, Program Director


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