Columbus Hope Foundation

The Columbus HOPE “Helping Other People Everyday” Foundation Inc. is dedicated to bettering the environment for, and increasing the self-reliance and dignity of people with Intellectual Disabilities and special needs.  We believe these individuals should have the community support, tools and resources necessary to lead independent productive lives.  Through our support of non-profit service organizations that share this philosophy, we are making the world easier to navigate for thousands of people every day.

The Columbus HOPE Foundation accomplishes our mission by developing supplemental sources of funding to augment the available state and federal money for our Intellectual Disabled and Special Needs citizens.  These resources are limited, and often do not meet all the needs of the individuals.  Immediate, critical and supplemental needs of individuals and families that cannot be met through other funding sources may be funded from the Columbus HOPE Foundation resources.

The Columbus HOPE Foundation Inc. is a South Carolina based non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation operated by the South Carolina Knights of Columbus.  Proceeds from our fundraising activities are focused on helping our South Carolina Intellectually Disabled and Special Needs citizens.  We work in coordination with the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, the county Disability Boards and other non-profit service providers to identify the needs, the gaps and the priorities for allocation of collected funds.

Learn more by visiting the Columbus HOPE Foundation website.