Lecture Library Initiative

The purpose of the South Carolina State Council Lecture Library Initiative is to collect lectures given during local Council monthly meetings by the Council Lecturer. 

After the lecture is presented at the Monthly Council Meeting, the Lecturer will review with the Grand Knight discussing how effective the presentation was.  If they agree that the lecture was successful at motivating and inspiring the Council Brothers. Content can be sent to the State Faith Director who will ensure that it is added to this site. Once on the webpage, the visitor can review the lectures, catalogued by Title/Theme.  Click on the Title and the entire lecture may be read and then copied for content, if desired.  Any member may copy or modify a lecture with the understanding that the lecturer delivering the lecture is responsible for the presentation content and appropriateness as though he himself originated the lecture. 

Council Lecturers are highly encouraged to enthusiastically contribute their lectures, so that State Council can build a best in class collection of presentations.